Sunday Art Dump

Welcome back to the Art Dump for Sunday the 15th. This week is a bit of a menagerie of different art, I have some random doodles of some possible creatures / characters in Grimwolden, a concept of a piece of tabletop terrain and a weapon concept or two. So without further ado:

Up first we have two musket concepts. Trying to keep to the style big and chunky was the goal but I also wanted it to look like a long barrelled rifle. The left one definitely achieved the chunky style though perhaps I like the right one more which has some sort of supplies / baggage strapped to the top of it. The baggage would work in real life I suppose but it could look cool on a model.

Musket_01Up next is a little concept which I hope to try and sculpt and then print (was on the cards for last week but other things cropped up ;P). I was going for a type of ancient ruin covered in moss and vines. Probably slightly roman / greek esk in look.

20151115_140144Finally are two random doodles from my sketchbook that looked rather cool. Would be fun to see these two in the Grimwolden world.



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