Not the usual Art Dump

So rather than the normal Art dump where we show off nifty concept images, this week I’ll be going over how I created this piece of terrain:

Fallen Pillar 01.JPG

So to give you a bit of back story, after having used the same pieces of terrain for playtesting for the past year I thought it would be cool to have a new piece. What I decided to go for was a fallen Greek / Roman column laying across a road or cobbled area. I also wanted it to be ancient looking and over grown which meant a lot of flocking with grasses and what not. So first up I did some basic concept sketches just to try and get an idea of what I wanted before I started cutting and chopping:Progress_01.jpg

As you can see I originally wanted some broken piece of statue on the top of the column but that proved to be a tad too much work at the time. Next up I laid out the pieces I had prepared:Progress_02

Following that everything got glued down and plaster applied for texturing and sculpting:Progress_04.JPG

Following that I did some sanding, tidying and cleaning up. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of that or of the painting stage. But basically all I did next was primer it all white, apply base colours and then slapped a cheep and nasty wash over it. Following on from that I then applied different flocks and grasses to help bring it to life:Progress_05.JPG

And here’s a few more pictures of it from different angles and with other models for scale reference:Progress_06Fallen Pillar 02Fallen Pillar 01

So now at the end of all that we have a nifty new piece of terrain to add to our tabletop games. Eventually it would be rather cool if we could have an entire table of terrain all looking similar and in theme, though I suspect it could take quite a while given our work schedules.


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