Art Dump

Another Sunday Art Dump ready to roll out for the 29th of November. This week we’ve got a menagerie of different things and first up is once again One Horn related.

Here I’ve shown two different iterations of the One Horn’s head. I obviously need to do a few more different ones to get a better feel but its interesting to see these two side by side already. I think left is my favourite possibly because of the short ‘horn’.

One Horn Concept 49_Refined Head Concepts

Up second is something else 3D but not a Rhorlan for once! Its a Shelonian Pup by Simon. Its still in a very early stage but still looking cool. I have also been told he has done a newer bust…but I can’t find that so we’ll roll with this for now.


Lastly this week is something completely different…a nifty new piece of terrain that I made and that we can now add to our collection for later use (note the model is not ours it is ‘Madrak Ironhide’ from Privateer Press, I just used him for scale reference). The basic idea behind it is to make a piece of long straight cover that looks cool. I went with the fallen ancient pillar as a lot of our expeditions may be heading out to search ancient ruins, so figured that this piece would tie in with that. Sometime in the next week or two I plan to do a separate post with progress shots from start to finish.


Let me know what you think of the sculpts and the terrain piece, and if you’ve got any handy tips for terrain generation let us know.

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