Weekly Update #228

Ahoy there dearest readers! Things have been trucking along nicely this week. Its Simon’s last week at work for the next 6 months, which means he’ll be freed up to put some time into Faith & Flintlocks again. Tony’s awesome art work of Gresbit looks great and is coming along well. I’ve penciled in a … More Weekly Update #228

Weekly Update #90

We’re back once again with our weekly update and boy do we have some exciting things to show you this week. But first up our progress report: I did half of what I set out to do and managed to finish the Two Horn’s shirt (retopologized and detailed) but didn’t get to her skirt as … More Weekly Update #90

Weekly Update #60

We’re back as usual to provide another dose of the weekly update. This week has been just as busy as last week for us so development has slowed slightly. But we’ve none the less been able to forge ahead little by little. This week we’ve: Basically fleshed out the Pup’s weapon, and a final locked … More Weekly Update #60


Another week of fun is done and we’re back to report on our progress. Progress has been steady this week which isn’t the most exciting thing to say but better than saying we did jack all :p . Also, it turns out that coming up with concepts for melee weapons (swords, spears and what not) … More WEEKLY UPDATE #58

Weekly Update #57

Hello hello and welcome back all to our latest weekly development update. This week we haven’t managed much in terms of gameplay development but the art and concept side has been chugging along strong. Completed this week: We have locked down the Tyton’s weapon concept Locked down the Elder’s weapon concept Finally nailed the Wou’s … More Weekly Update #57