Weekly Update #90

We’re back once again with our weekly update and boy do we have some exciting things to show you this week. But first up our progress report:

  • I did half of what I set out to do and managed to finish the Two Horn’s shirt (retopologized and detailed) but didn’t get to her skirt as time got away from me >_<
  • Simon’s week was largely taken up by regular work related responsibilities so no real progress on the Moschops aside from what was shown in the latest Art Dump.
  • Simon did however get sometime to update the cards that we need to reprint. And as such we’ve got some new concepts for our character cards.
  • We’ve also had our Artists and helpers busily doing awesome things that we can’t wait to show.

But on to the real show for this week…the unboxing of our first miniature! That’s right we’ve just received our shipment from the awesome folks at Zealot Miniatures. And dang do they look good.

Cracking open the box
Bags and bags of goodies
The Master print
The One Horn in all his parts
Looking good
I’m super happy with how his backpack came out
Even the detail of the buckle on the man bag is there!

It’s awesome to see our 3d work finally arrive in resin and be able to turn it over in our hands. Though we have already learnt a few things such as the buckles and bolts can be beefed up even more, his man bag is a bit small or at least needs to be more chunky, his fingers could be thicker. Minor things that we can learn from for our next miniatures.

Now after all that excitement we’ve still got to  think about what to do for this coming week:

  • My goal is to retopo and detail the Two Horn’s skirt and rear equipment.
  • Simon is going to be completing some hand wraps and tweaking the Moschops’ shirt and tail.
  • We’re going to be booking in a play test with some of Simon’s work colleagues in the coming weeks before Christmas and therefore need to prep all the cards that need re-printing.

As you can see it’s a rather focused week coming up, partially because we need to finish these items, but also because this coming week is likely to be getting quite busy. Other than that I’m still buzzing about the arrival of our awesome miniatures. We’ve now got miniatures!! woo.

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