Weekly update from the 16th of April

Guess who managed a regular weekly meeting this week?  Not only that we also fitted in a quick play through to keep the mechanics fresh and to double check a few recent changes. I will put up a post later regarding the play test and the learnings we found, but for now on to what we achieved this week:

  • Trialled a modified version of the injury deck, now know as the Fate Deck
  • Re-finished the Mime faction deck ready for a test print
  • Finished the Cinder faction deck ready for a test print
  • Mark completed a test sculpt of the Ophidia
  • Simon printed the test sculpt…and it looks awesome 😀
  • Mostly finished an unposed sculpt of the Rhorlan One Horn
  • Agreed on the way forward with the silhouettes and sculpts. We will be aiming to create a first pass concept sculpt for each character, to be test printed for a scale and awesomeness check.

While we had said that we would be trying to do 3 sculpts a week, I think we have come to the realization that we may have been a bit over optimistic with that number. I basically managed two and would be getting quicker with the more I do but for now we’re going to aiming for a minimum of 1 test sculpt a week so that we can keep other facets of the game development trucking along (story, fluff and mechanics).

So on to the to do list for the coming week:

  • Mark to complete the sculpt and posing of the One Horn
  • Mark to do at least one new sculpt
  • Simon to do at least one new sculpt
  • Mark to write up all the notes from the play test
  • Complete the Isogo faction deck
  • Stretch goals for the week: background information tweaking and updating, writing more stories, and post up information about the game itself.

So another solid looking week which should be fun, still wondering what character I should attempt to sculpt next?

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