Play test April 16th

So as mentioned in the weekly update we had a quick play through testing the new Fate Deck feature and a few other minor tweaks.

In order to get into the game quicker and not have to worry about setup, we each quickly picked a 4 person team using the old school yard pick method, equipment was then randomly drawn for both teams. This is was just a quick way to get a test game going as we have yet to fully develop the team picking and setup part of the game.

Setting up on opposite sides of the table we decided for a simple deathmatch type game where last team standing wins. This allows us to concentrate more on testing the mechanics of the game on how it plays.

It was a fun game that we both thought would go one way but ended going the other which was cool. Things we learned:

  • Bullet tokens work better than getting reload tokens when a weapon is empty.
  • A few of the weapon descriptions need tidying.
  • Gunblade pistols are potentially awesome.
  • Pistol rules need to be written clearer so that people understand the abilities of braces (pairs) of pistols.
  • The Fate Deck works well as a save against models being removed from the game, a last glimmer of hope for the wounded model. It also gets drawn as soon as the model is hit with an attack which would remove it from the game, which makes for interesting ideas such as ‘who needs armour when I can take my low wound guy and gamble that the Fate Deck will save him’.
  • We also streamlined the rules around being in combat, leaving the threat range of an enemy model and firing into combat…well hopefully streamlined, these rules need to be tested again.
  • And also clarified the line of sight for models (what they can see) and what I like to now call the Line of Attack (the vector or direction of the attack).

Here’s some pictures from late in the game (note all our models are currently proxies from other game systems):


A close up of the battle for the hill, I have the little orange dude and the blue guy, Simon has the little rat man with claws who is about to die.


An overview shot showing the rest of the field.


And a final view from my dead pile, with the lonely proxy of a Rhorlan Two Horn watching on.

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