A little bit about the game, the world and how we started

As promised we finally have added a bit more to the ‘About’ page regarding the game, though not much more about ourselves (which we really should do, and will do at some stage 🙂 ).

But since I put some information up in the about page I thought I would put a bit of blog post together showing where we came from and a little bit extra about the game and world.

I originally came to Simon with the idea of creating something cool and interesting back in the middle of last year after my wife and I had returned from overseas. During my overseas trip I had been drawing, sketching and writing notes on a port town and the world it existed in (Grimwolden). At the time I was just enjoying creating something new and different. After discussing our options and ideas we decided to use that world as a basis combined with some re-purposed ideas from a story Simon was looking at writing at the time. Since then it has morphed, evolved and become far more than we had imagined at the start.

This is the first sketch I did of the town that is now know as Loen:

Original Sketch

The town of Loen is central to our world and is the port where most of the explorations and expeditions leave from. It is a rumour mill and re-supply depot helping the factions to search for the mystical Relics. As you can see from the sketch this isn’t a high technology era, and is probably more closely associated with our Age of Discovery and the early black powder period. As such the most cutting edge weapon of the age is the black powder musket. In game these weapons have an interesting mechanic due to their single shot nature. While loaded they are incredibly threatening and something to be very aware, but once fired the threat is gone and the model is left open for reprisal until it is able to reload again.

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