Weekly update from the 23rd of April

Another week another update, this time its actually going up on a Thursday 😀

So while we did not manage a meet up this week due to real life duties, we did still keep up with progress. This week we have managed to:

  • Complete the Isogorean faction deck ready for printing and testing.
  • I completed the sculpt of the Rhorlan One Horn for test sculpting.
  • I have mostly shaped but haven’t posed the Rhorlan Two Horn.
  • Simon aced the sculpting, doing both the Peregrine and Tyton.
  • Simon completed a test print of the Tyton.
  • All notes from the play test have been compiled and implemented

Not a bad sum of work all in all. A little disappointed that I didn’t complete the Two Horn but stoked that the Isogorean Faction deck is finally ready for testing. You know it takes a surprising amount of time to make up 20+ unique cards with different abilities, effects and rules.

This week the plan is:

  • Complete the Hantu faction deck ready for printing and testing (rounding out our initial 4 factions)
  • Mark to complete the Two Horn sculpt
  • Mark to complete 1 more sculpt
  • Simon to complete 1 sculpt
  • Add more information to the ‘About’ page about us and the Game.
  • Usual stretch goals.

This might be an optimistic goal for this week with a rather busy but awesome long weekend coming up. But hey if you don’t aim high then you’ll never know what you can achieve.

And finally here is a teaser for an non-posed and not quite finalised mighty Rhorlan Two Horn.

Rhorlan Two Horn Tease

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