Weekly updated for the 4th of June

Half way through the year and time for another weekly update. This week we had a few good successes but one really awesome achievement was the fact that we managed an in depth fluff / background discussion with our good friend (and prolific writer). This means that he’ll now be able to help breath some life into the stories, characters and goings on of our world. Can’t wait to start seeing some of the interesting stories, but on to our achievements for this week:

  • I completed an initial look at 10 concept Icons for each faction
  • The notes from our play test have been noted and filed away
  • We created a blog post showing off our awesome play test
  • A concept for the expeditions and how they would work has been drafted
  • We managed a fluff and background discussion which helped to further cement the world.

This of course leaves a few things unfinished but we can only do what we can. Moving on to our to do list for the coming week:

  • Review all existing scenarios and either fix up or mark for further discussion
  • Simon to complete the initial Drazz sculpt
  • Mark to rough out an expanded image of the the current town layout
  • To concept up new any new scenarios
  • To review and refine our wiki to reflect current state of the background information (some fluff has not been updated in a while >_<)

With all that said, I feel we are getting very close to having a completed game system where the only things left to do will be artwork, fluff and balancing. Exciting!

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