Sunday Art Dump 12th of July

Oh Snap! Pretty pictures arriving on time this week!

Now over the last week I have continued to focus on the Ophidia, mostly because I like the character but also because I find him an interesting challenge. How do you put normal clothes on him, how do you make him look more sapient and less monstrous and what pose looks awesome as a miniature?

First up I have some sketches. The first is just a different angle on the big guy and the second is a sketch of some clothes.

Ophidia_Concepts_ 22b Ophidia_Concepts_ 23

Ophidia_Concepts_ 25
Out of all of these I think the bottom pose is the most interesting.

Here I look at some possible poses for the miniature. I know I need to look at more reference (reference is king), but when I doodle these I tend to be at work where looking for references of giant snake-people tends to be frowned upon.And finally we come to a set of 3 images that I have been playing with this morning. 3 different styles of clothing roughed out over the top of a side view of the Ophidia. Mostly I was just seeing how the clothes changed the look of the model and how he would wear clothes considering his lack of legs and his large spines on his back.

Outfit 01- Tried for a collared outfit with a belt and a peasantry looking hat.
Outfit 02 – Ended up looking rather primative here with a necklace of teeth and minimal clothing.
Outfit 03

So that is for this Sunday Art Dump, let me know what you think of the drawings, any and all comments are welcome.

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