Sunday Art Dump for the 16th of August

Welcome back to another awesome Sunday Art Dump. Due to the renewed focus on the Rhorlan characters, this week I’ve been doing some doodles of the One Horn.

First up is another take on the side profile of chap:

One Horn Concept 20

Compared to an earlier one (see below), he almost looks a tad more dinosaur like. I like the way he has almost no neck and that its just head and muscles.

One Horn Concept 19

Next up is rough front profile, showing a bit of muscle definition and shape. This guy is short and stocky but also has a slight beer belly going on. I can imagine he likes to drink just a bit.

One Horn Concept 21

Lastly this week is sort of action pose with a gun over his shoulders. The head isn’t as cool as the other profiles, his legs are a tad gumpy and his stomach area could do with a bit more beer bloat but interesting little sketch I thought.

One Horn Concept 22Cheers for having a nosy and if you’ve got any feedback or ideas let me know and drop us a line.

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