Weekly Update for the 20th of August

Booya we made it to Thursday!

I have to say straight up that, I felt this week I didn’t really do enough or worked hard enough towards moving the game forward. I have all the valid excuses, long work hours at normal work, life getting in the way, etc. But at the end of the day I feel a bit disappointed in my self (though my loving wife still says I did a lot šŸ™‚ ). But hey at least there is always next week to make up for it šŸ™‚

So on to what we have achieved this week:

  • I have continued to draw nothing but Rhorlans (and to be frank I need to draw something else soon or else I’ll go Rhorlan crazy)
  • We have updated the Campaign and Expedition part of the Wiki to encapsulate our latest changes.
  • Simon has continued to sort out imagery for our tokens and cards.
  • Simon has printed out sheets of tokens ready to be stamped out for play.
  • And we have begun to update the character blurbs for the cards and website.

Like I say maybe its just me that feels I didn’t do enough, because looking at the list its not a bad little amount of work done. But more importantly what will we aim to achieve in the upcoming week:

  • All Character blurbs completed and reviewed
  • All Character blurbs uploaded to the website
  • Lock in a date for our next play test (though fair warning it may not be as soon as we like)
  • Review and up rev our current quick reference guide
  • Continue to develop our two characters each.
  • Stretch goals: more information up to the website, more background information written.

Those are the goals for this week and I plan to make sure they happen. Simon and I should be able to have a proper(ish) meeting this Saturday to do some of the reviewing and arranging mentioned above, which will be good. So until next the post, onwards and upwards I suppose.

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