Weekly Update for the 27th of August

Dun dun dun, we’ve finally arrived at the update for this week. So without further ado on to what we’ve achieved this week:

  • Simon has been busting out some sweet Shelonian (Pup and Elder) concepts.
  • The Two Horn has been my muse of the week so expect more Rhorlan goodness this Sunday on the Art Dump.
  • All Characters have a updated blurbs.
  • We will be reviewing the Playtest date and blurbs tomorrow.
  • Having read over the last revision to our quick rules PDF it looks mostly good but a few things need updating.

So as you can see we continue to soldier on. Hopefully during our skype session tomorrow we can nail a few things down to make next weeks update even more impressive. Speaking of next week, our plans are:

  • Continue to develop the Shelonians and Rhorlans (we will probably need to come up with some sort of deadline or plan for their development)
  • Update the website with the character blurbs
  • Update the website with more on the mechanics of our game
  • Update the quick play rules
  • Stretch goals: more background information written, more scenario development done.

Those are the goals for the coming week and you never know we might be able to squeeze even more development in (fingers crossed).

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