Sunday Art Dump for the 11th of October

For those who love looking at Rhorlan art, you’re in luck as its another Rhorlan centric Art Dump 😛

First up this week I have a clean T pose and side view of the One Horn, along with the original sketch that I cleaned up for the side view. Lastly I have a cool side on sketch of the One Horn in an aviator type jacket looking rather cool.

So as I said, first up is the clean T pose and side view of the One Horn. I’m fairly happy with how he looks. The lack of a neck along with the muscular but fat / chubby nature of him is what I’m going for. Going forward I can use this as a base for quick sketch ups / mock up of outfits and equipment.

One Horn Concept 42

And here is the original side profile sketch I drew. As you can see its at slightly different proportions to the above drawing so when I took it into the digital world I squished and squashed him to more closely match the front view of him.

One Horn Concept 41

Finally here is the One Horn wearing an aviator jacket and looking rather cool. I quite like how sharp his horn and chin came out. Obviously different One Horns would look slightly different due to natural differences (much like humans), but for the eventual 3D sculpt I might try to stick closer to this as it will produce a sharper model with cleaner lines than a ‘soft’ faced One Horn.

One Horn Concept 43

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