Weekly Update for the 15th of October

Whoops! Guess who forgot to post this up yesterday :p

But that aside from that its on with the show. Achievements for the week that was:

  • Rhorlan development has continued. The basic look of the character is more or less locked down. I have done a T pose template for both the Two and One Horn. There is now also a basic Zbrush sculpt ready for refinement. And I have started looking at poses for the One Horn.
  • Met up with out writer friend and talked through some of the history and background of the world so that he can write some more interesting things.
  • Shelonians have continued to be developed.
  • We talked Logos briefly and agreed to do a skype session at some stage with our designer friend

We didn’t manage to do any more website homework, nor print the rulebook or reference cards, but otherwise it wasn’t a bad week. And now on to our week ahead:

  • Arrange and have our Skype chat regarding Logos
  • Finalise Rhorlan base sculpts, come up with concepts for equipment and gear
  • Continue to develop Shelonians
  • Have another meeting with our writer chap
  • Do our website homework
  • Do a quick print of the current Rulebook and Reference cards so we can possibly review them
  • Stretch goals: Clean up some of the art regarding the city, add more background information.

Another week full of goals, and probably less time than we would wish to get them all done 🙂

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