Weekly Update for the 8th of October

Back again with another update. As always we’ve been busy trying to push the game forward and this week we’re doing not so bad. First up our achievements for the week:

  • We have worked on our website homework, providing links of the competition, what websites we like and what we don’t like.
  • I have had a look at the Logos and we’re just waiting on Simon to have a gander at them.
  • We have redrafted the existing ‘quickrules’ into a first pass of a Rulesbook. Its currently weighing in at 21 pages (including the cover) and seems to cover most of our bases, though doesn’t have many scenarios or expeditions in it at the moment.
  • We have also had a quick rough up of some Reference cards.
  • We have talked over different styles of clothing and the look and feel of models (what we want ours to convey)
  • As always Rhorlan and Shelonian development continues (though I should actually have some production deadlines to talk about rather than ‘development continues’. Will attempt to address this).

All in all not a bad week of work thus far. Also it has taken me far longer than I thought it would to rough out the Rulebook, maybe it was because we didn’t have as many rules down as we thought we did (still playing the game out of our heads) or maybe these things just take time. Either way its nice to have most of that core information now down in a book / pdf. On to our goals for next week:

  • Add more links to websites we like for Website Homework
  • Discuss Logos and designs with the Designer this weekend
  • Print and have a quick review of the Rulebook and Reference Cards
  • Continue to develop Rhorlans and Shelonians. Look to have main forms of character locked down by next week so we can concentrate on outfits / weapons and poses.
  • Stretch goals: Rough out some art of the area where the story will be taking place, background information.

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