Art Dump 9th of Nov

Another Art Dump on a Monday…I hope this doesn’t become the norm! Though I’ve only got myself to blame for being late with the posting, naughty naughty. Haven’t been as proficient as I had hoped over the last week, and while I have half a dozen One Horn iterations they aren’t all worth sticking up. So I’m going to put a few up along with a few other weapon concepts I sketched out the other day.

Up first is are the weapon concepts. Once again going with the chunky look for the muskets. Though I really do need to have a proper sift through some reference so that the base designs are stronger. Still they do have some interesting shapes.


Up next are a few One Horn iterations on our favourite design thus far. I’ve been playing around with some different shoes and nick-knacks (hanging things, pockets, slings, etc), just trying to see what will help fill in the detail and build the picture of this One Horn adventurer.

1.One Horn Concept 47 V3 A

2.One Horn Concept 47 V3 D

3.One Horn Concept 47 V3 E2

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