Weekly Update for the 5th Oct

Here we are again with our weekly development update, helping to keep us focused and on track. This has been a busy week for me so I didn’t manage as much as I would have liked but even with that we’ve managed to hit out most if not all of the previous week’s goals. We managed to:

  • Discuss our Logo and other design work with our designer friend. We’ve now gone away and started to put together a design spec with helpful information. Turns out just saying make it look cool isn’t very helpful.
  • The One Horn equipment and gear has been narrowed down. Not locked down yet but I would say we’re quite close.
  • We’ve gone over and refined the information for our scenarios, so that we use that as a template for further scenarios.
  • The Wiki has had a bit of a clean up and some information has been renamed
  • We’ve also been working on blurbs or short captions for each of the 4 main factions, they just need some final review at the moment.

With all our attention being on the characters and designs lately it was interesting to get back into the Wiki and see where we last left off. There are quite a few old articles and pages in there that either need to be updated with what’s the current version in our heads or toasted completely. Tiddlywiki is a great system for building all this information but it does definitely need a thorough pruning sometimes. So with all that said and done, our goals for the coming week are:

  • Finish reviewing the Branding Guide we are writing up.
  • Review the Faction Blurbs
  • Lock down the look of the One Horn Gear and equipment.
  • Start sculpting for the One Horn gear and equipment.
  • Concept some terrain for 3d printing for future play testing.
  • Create a template for Scenario development.
  • Stretch goals: Background fluff, additional concept sketches and concepts of the faction Iconography.

Hopefully we can keep up the pace and push all this stuff through. If you can think of anything else we should be working on at the moment let us know 🙂

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