Weekly update from the 12th of November

Another week of work and toil, or perhaps more like stolen minutes of time where we try squeeze in any work we can. This week started out well for me, relatively productive but then work-wise ground to a halt on Wednesday morning when my wife went into labour (our beautiful baby girl was born later that day). So despite a major shakeup at home I hope we can continue to push our game forward as we have playtests we need to make happen and models that need sculpting. So with all that said and done, what did we achieve this week:

-We have pretty much locked down enough of the One Horn Concept to start sculpting it.
-We have a few concepts sketched up for terrain pieces for the 3d printer.
-Reviewed our branding design guide which now simply requires being compiled into a easy to read pdf.
-Reviewed our website design guide which now also meeds to be compiled together.
-Had our skype meeting and discussed a few other minor bits and bobs.

Not a bad week all things considered and I’m at least happy that most of the concepting is done for the One Horn. There’s only so long I can be looking at that One Horn picture before I need to do something else. So on to what we want to achieve in the coming week:

-One Horn base sculpt refined
-One Horn equipment started to be sculpted.
-A prototype piece of terrain sculpted out to test the printer
-Template created for scenario development
-Branding design guide compiled
-Website design guide compiled
-Faction blurbs reviewed

So as you can see there’s a few things on there and it will be interesting to see what our production levels are now, given my new arrival. But there’s only one way to find that out isn’t there ;p

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