Weekly update from the 19th of November

Another weekly update and only a mere one day late. Now I mentioned in the last update that it would be interesting to see how much work we could manage this week (due to Simon’s mammoth current workload and my new father duties)…turns out not as much as I thought we could haha. We did however actually make some limited progress, which is always worth talking about. Done this week:

  • A concept piece of terrain has had the Zbrush treatment and we now have a sculpt ready to send to the printers. Done in the style of an ancient ruined archway, it is just a simple L shape that can be used as a piece of cover in the game.
  • The Branding design guide has been compiled but still needs to be reviewed.

And unfortunately that is about us for the week that was. Better than a kick in the pants I suppose. Which begs the question, how much work should we be aiming for over the next few weeks till daddy duties settles down into a more normal rhythm and Simon’s work comes to a close for the year? I think we should be able to do more than what we achieved this week but possibly less than a normal week. At the end of the day though I think we should just aim high and keep pushing forward, then at the end of the week see how we measured up. So on to my guess for the work for the coming week:

  • One Horn Sculpt – Face and hands being iterated and refined
  • Branding Design guide reviewed
  • Website design guide compiled
  • Faction blurbs reviewed
  • Stretch goals: One Horn Equipment beginning to be sculpted, Template created for scenario development, Rulebook reviewed, extra fluff written.

So that’s what I’m guessing we’ll get done but I’m hoping to get onto some of the stretch goals if I’m lucky.

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