Weekly Update

Welcome back to our last update post for 2015. We’ll be taking a small break from blogging over the Christmas holidays and the next update post will be on the 7th of January. Never fear though for we have come up with a plan, or at least a guide for what we want to achieve over the next few weeks while we’re away from our pcs. But first up, how did we go on the week that was:

  • The One Horn’s rough sculpt is done (or at least its time for a break and a review of it). Which only leaves the detailing and posing left to do. Exciting!
  • We had a meeting over our plans moving forwards and what we want to achieve over the next few weeks.

In this catch up we had, we discussed a few interesting things but possibly most interesting is that we are now going to forward with some character images done by a professional (our 2d drawing skills are ok but we’re not professional concept artists or illustrators). Our aim is to get 12 full body shot images, one for each character, in a cool pose. Not sure on the e.t.a on those but we’ll let you know when we firm up the details. But aside from that, what are we aiming to achieve over the next 2 weeks:

  • Simon is going to contact our Artist friend and find out what else he needs
  • We are going to review character blurbs and design guides
  • Finish tweaking the Pre-made gangs with new or altered equipment
  • Review the Website design guide
  • Review the Branding guide
  • Simon to draw more Shelonian pups
  • Stretch goals: reference cards reviewed, extra fluff written, clean 3d printed terrain.

As that’s us for the year, I want to say thank you all for all your support and for joining us on our awesome ride to make this game. Merry Christmas.

p.s here’s a bonus work in progress shot of the One Horn

One Horn Concept 51_Equip WIP_05.jpg

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