Sunday Art Dump

Hello Hello and welcome back to the first Art Dump of 2016. I’d love to say that since its been so long I have a bumper supply of awesome drawings but truth be told I’ve only recently started refocusing on drawing specifically Faith & Flintlock related art…that and my drawings are mediocre at best haha. But enough prattling on.

First up is a Sarcos sketch. Aside from major issues with the legs (a lack of looking at reference pictures definitely shows through here), I’m quite happy with his scrawny yet toned look. He’s lean, mean and a tad on the shady side. I also dig the vest. Along with all that I’ve tried out some new grey on grey colouring just to help things pop, and I must say it does the job. Next step is some better line work!


Up next are some Rhorlan Two Horns. Once again trying out the grey on grey. The top image is just trying to look at the head and shoulders area. Interesting fact, I believe the Two Horn is the only character out of our 12 that currently has any hair. Getting her to look tough, strong, badass and yet feminine isn’t as easy as we thought it was going to be.

Two Horn Concept 39

The second image is more of a pose concept. Looked at some sort of swinging axe movement. I think it doesn’t look to shabby and the flaring skirt armour helps exaggerate the movement. What do you lot think?

Two Horn Concept 38.jpg

As I said earlier I don’t have a ton of images ready to go and as such these are all I’ve got for the moment, but next week I’ll have more ready to go and hopefully even some better line work…well maybe haha.

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