Weekly Update

First update post for February and I can see we’re already speeding through the year. Before you know it it’ll be mid year and then we’ll back to Christmas all over again! Best get ourselves into gear to get Faith & Flintlocks out to Kickstarter before that happens. With that in mind, what have we achieved this week to move us towards that ever looming goal?

  • We have created a ‘how to draw / key features to note’ document for the Rhorlan One Horn
  • We have got back to our Artist with feedback, draw overs and documentation to help move the design forward. And having seen the latest update its moving in the right direction 😀
  • I have tested bringing a CAD model of a musket I made through in to Zbrush to detail. The process works but you just have to be aware that the CAD model is quite low poly when it comes through.

Having gone through the exercise of creating detailed documentation on what are the key features for the Rhorlan One Horn, I feel that its probably best that we sit down and do that for the other characters as much as possible. Obviously they won’t be as detailed as we haven’t invested as much time into them as we have with the One Horn, but it’ll still be worth while I believe. The other thing that we will probably need to do is go through the character design brief with a fine tooth comb as one or two things slipped past us for the One Horn (whoops!). So what are we aiming to have done for the coming week?

  • A completed ‘key features to note’ for each of the remaining 11 characters. (This is probably a fair bit of work)
  • Re-Review the rulebook
  • Work on the scenarios and exploration deck again
  • Stretch goals: extra fluff written, start rough model of the town, re-dive into some of the rules, review any outstanding items in the wiki

A small list that’s full of a lot of work 🙂 Oh and or those sharp eyed readers out there who noticed the distinct lake of Sunday Art Dumps, this will shortly be rectified. However the main reason for no art dumps was simply that I haven’t really been drawing much related to Faith & Flintlocks lately. I plan to change that up again and start focusing more on our wonderfully rich and exotic world in the very near future.

Also as a bonus, here’s a picture of the musket I modelled in some CAD software (just to note its not our design, its epic Grim Angus’s weapon from Hordes by Privateer Press):

eGrim Musket SE model


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