Weekly Update

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and hello, welcome back to another weekly update post. This week seems like it has come around super fast and I’m not sure why, it could be that it was a short working week here in New Zealand or that it was Chinese New Year on the 8th or simply that I’ve had to spend more time battling my 3 month old daughter to sleep recently (stubborn little thing haha). Despite all that we have still been working hard on our goals as well as getting new exciting artwork from our artist and lining up design, brand and website decisions.

Before we get into the goals I have to say that working with a professional artist is quite fun, seeing them take ideas from your head and make them look as awesome as they do in your mind is so cool. It also helps sharpen your feedback skills as you are trying to be as concise and accurate as possible so that the artist can understand what you mean. All in all its a fun process! But on to our goals and what we managed to do this past week:

  • We now have 6 ‘How to draw / key features of X’ documents for our characters, which means we’re halfway there. Turns out it takes longer than I thought to write these documents. I spend a lot of time just looking back through our concepts and initial sculpts just trying to breakdown what are the key features of this design and how do we convey this. Also at the time of writing we only have 5 documents fully finished but I will have the 6th one by the end of the day (I’m being efficient and preparing this blog post early 😀 )
  • We have been in contact with our Artist and the One Horn image is very close to being done which is awesome and he has made a start on the Two Horn. Progress!

Whilst not really deserving a spot on the done this week list, I have been turning the scenarios and the ideas behind the Exploration deck over and over in my mind. I like the exploration deck and our attempt to bring it into the game, I do however feel it needs to be pushed and integrated better. At the moment I’m just struggling to make all the pieces click together in my head, as it doesn’t feel like it gels yet. It works but to my mind isn’t quite as streamlined and intuitive yet. Probably need to have a round table at some point and get a lot of different ideas or perspectives on it. But enough of that, what are our goals for the coming week?

  • Complete the remaining 6 ‘How to draw / key features of X’ documents (Elder, Pup, Peregrine, Tyton, Draz and Moschops). A small line item for a lot of work 😀
  • Note down ideas, issues and potential solutions for Exploration Deck and our scenario integration.
  • Stretch goals: extra fluff written, start rough model of the town, re-dive into some of the rules, review any outstanding items in the wiki, ensure Rulebook is ready for further play testing.

An even smaller list than last week! I know it looks small but trust me those documents will fill much of my time (or at least the time I have free for Grimwolden Games business). We’ve also got issues with regular life being quite busy this month, so expect small concise ‘to do lists’ to continue for at least this month. Though our stretch goal list will probably continue to grow, forever tempting us with things we want to do if only we had the time to do them.

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