Art Dump

Welcome back to another weekly Art Dump from us here at Grimwolden Games. We’ve got a few images here to have a look at.

First up are two images of concepts for the Two Horn’s muskaxe (musket with axe attached). I tried a few different things, starting from the smaller blades at number one up to the more chunky and oversized attempts later on. My favourite is probably number 2, though numbers 3 and 5 are also cool. What do you think?Two Horn Weapon Concept_01Two Horn Weapon Concept_02

Up next are 3 new character concepts. With a large and diverse world it would be awesome to eventually be able to expand our range of miniatures and as such having some ideas ready to go could be a good idea. With the following 3 images I did each one slightly differently (though numbers 2 and 3 are basically the same but with a background). I thought I would try something different because of some awesome art from this artist on facebook I follow (rafael.zanchetin), so I wanted to see what my work would look like with that style. Let me know which image looks the best and which character out of these 3 would you rather see as a miniature?

  1. Elemental / mist personElemental-or-Mist_Dude.jpg
  2. Lobster / centipede personLobster-Centipede_Dude.jpg
  3. Beetle dudeBeetle_Dude.jpgUnfortunately folks that’s it for this weeks Art Dump, check back next week for more doodles, sketches and art.

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