Weekly Update

We’re back with another weekly developers update. Its been a relatively productive week for Simon and myself. Rules have been tweaked, talking has been done, updating has happened and documents have been created. Sounds a lot like accounting when you read that sentence without knowing the context 😀

What we’ve achieved this week:

  • We’ve had some more great art through from Matt our artist (don’t know if this counts as our acheivement but I’ll put it in anyway)
  • Simon has rehashed, reviewed and updated our Rulesbook. Now looking nifty and actually readable
  • I have finished another 2 ‘How to Draw these characters’ documents. 3 others have been laid out with images ready for associated text to be done and 1 has yet to be started.
  • I’ve noted down a few ideas around the exploration deck. No particularly great solutions but a better understanding of the issue.
  • As part of the rulesbook update, we’ve weeded out a few more rules that weren’t streamlined enough and didn’t add to the game.

As I said, a reasonably good week despite the unending distractions of normal life. One other rule we’ve decided to tweak and I think it might be interesting to talk about it briefly here, is the ‘Equipment weight or character slots’ idea. It was basically saying this piece of gear takes 2 equipment slots and this character only has 4 available slots for us. In the end we found that this limited our use of the light characters and just didn’t add anything to the game. What’s the benefit of saying you can’t take 3 guns? You can only ever fire 1 per action anyway so why put another limit on the players. Which is why we’ve decided to do away with the ‘equipment slots’ entirely. You want a character with 6 guns? sure no problem. You want 2 guns, 3 swords and a piece of armour? Of course you can.

But what about your goals for next week? you ask. Well we’re planning to:

  • Catch up for a play test
  • During the catch up we’ll also be updating our plan for the game and what we need to do next
  • We’ll be finishing the remaining ‘how to draw’ documents
  • Do some concepts for the character’s weapons for Matt
  • Stretch goals: extra fluff written, start rough model of the town, review any outstanding items in the wiki.

A reasonably small to do list, how hard could it possibly be ;p


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