Art Dump #34

Full circle and we’re back to the Sunday Art Dump again. This week is a bit weak on new art to show off as a lot of my sketching this week has been more pose and shape studies which don’t really make for interesting blog material. But what we do have this week are Tyton musket concepts:

Tyton Musket_V4.jpg

With the Tyton’s musket we were trying to go for a musket that felt like an old used hunting musket that was once quite a fancy piece of equipment. Which is why there are a few more flares and swirls than in past designs. I like the idea of the octagonal barrel for number 3 but is probably too chunky for our little Tyton (might re-use the idea for the Wou’s weapon). Concept 1 and 2 both had weapon stands which could unfold to aid shooting, not sure if they work but its an interesting way to separate this musket from others. But my personal favourite is probably number 5, though it still requires tweaks such as thicker banding on the barrel and a few other elements from the earlier concepts. It feels like it could be quite a fancy musket with the sweeping wooden stock. I also like the long and nearly horizontal trigger.

Since I liked that musket it the most I thought I would also photoshop it into a shot with the Tyton holding it. Its not bad but maybe a bit chunky looking on him but if I were to thin it down I think it could look quite cool.

Tyton with concept 5.jpg

What do you guys think? Which one is your favourite and why?

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