Weekly Update #56

Welcome back guys and gals for another weekly update.

First up, what have we achieved this week:

  • The Isogorean’s pre-canned gang have had another pass to strengthen their theme and feel.
  • The Tyton’s weapon has had further development but is proving slightly tougher than the rest to nail down.
  • The Elder’s weapon is mostly locked down and requires only final tweaks.
  • The Wou’s weapon concept has been started but not refined.
  • We have also managed two playtests, with the Cinder losing twice to the mighty and perhaps over powered Hantu. We now have to decide whether to nerf the Hantu and possibly Isogoreans or increase the awesomeness of the Cinder.
  • Made some design decisions about a new website, though have yet to knock up a concept.

All up, not a bad week I would say. Though the unforgiving nature of the current Cinder gang is a bit concerning. In the two games we had both Simon and I had a turn at the Cinder gang and found them to be interesting and thought we could do a lot on the field with them but ended up getting steam rolled. In my game it all went down hill once I lost of the models, I simply didn’t have the firepower to push back or even threaten the Hantu. Now arguably the Hantu are probably a bit over powered currently but the unforgiving nature of the Cinder is also quite concerning to me, they don’t seem to be able to bounce back if you make a mistake while playing with them. This can be both an interesting challenge and a put off for some players. This requires more pondering and playtesting I believe.


Now back to our goals and what that leaves us for next week:

  • Do a pass of the Mime faction cards used in the pre-made gangs
  • Finish the concept for the Tyton’s weapon
  • Finish the concepts for the Elder’s weapons
  • Finish the concepts for the Wou’s weapon
  • Start the concept for the Sarcos’s weapon.
  • Stretch goals for the week: Re-jig the Cinder pre-made gang to boost their awesomeness, extra fluff written, start rough model of the town, review any outstanding items in the wiki.

Easy peasy right? Man I really wish there were more hours in the day sometimes 😀


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