Art Dump #41

Welcome back to the Art Dump 😀

In this week’s post we’ll be diving into some Cinder faction sketches. We’ll run through them in a relatively chronological order going from initial ideas through to latest concepts. Also just to note, none of them are particularly well cleaned up as my old wacom tablet has recently died and I’ve only just received my shiny new one (its soo awesome!). All right lets dig in.

First up is one of the better original idea sketches. I started out using a normal human for a base character as that was the easiest to apply the ideas to. My favourite is the top right image, I’m loving the conquistador hat and the puffy shirts. The lanterns contain sacred flames that these Cinder priests / chaplains have been tasked with looking after.

Cinder Characer Concepts 01

Next is trying to get the character into a more religious-y pose to see how the outfit works and whether it conveys the right feeling and reverence.

Cinder Characer Concepts 02

Now I start looking at applying the outfit to Faith & Flintlock characters. Here I note down some of the key elements of the design at this stage.

Cinder Characer Concepts 03

Next up is a slight evolution to the design (thank you goes out to my wife for the ideas for this). The addition of the loose scarf / neck wrap really starts to make the design pop to me. We also added bandages to exposed skin areas and thick boots.

Cinder Characer Concepts 05

Another slight variation, this time with the nifty conquistador hat I like (still looks cool). Tried pulling the puffy shirt back to the shoulder (kind of like a vest). Also added more bandages and an explanation as to why the bandages (they get burnt a LOT!). Something between this and the above image is probably what we’ll be looking at for the base line Cinder priest / chaplains / people.

Cinder Characer Concepts 04

Finally for this week is a concept of what a character higher up the food chain might look like. Generally these people will be older so they’ll have that old priest sort of vibe, but more than that they’ll also have fancy hats. What better way to say you’re important than large useless headgear! Oh and more lanterns to look after. They would also probably have more neck wraps and finer clothing.

Cinder Characer Concepts 06

Well that’s all for this week. I hope you enjoyed the walk through of Cinder concept sketches. Until next time 🙂







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