Weekly Update #62

Once again we delve in to the week that was. And while it has been another ridiculously busy week at work I’m happy that I’ve been able pump out a number of Cinder concept sketches and a few other bits and bobs.

So what exactly have we managed this week?

  • The Cinder look and theme continues to be developed. Many a sketch has been scribbled and a lot of reference searching has been done.
  • Website research continues and we’re looking at what is available as suggested by our web designer friend.

So not a lot up there to look at but Cinder ended up taking a fair bit of time. When we started they were just the fire guys with a Spanish flair and feel. Now as we narrow them down, we’ve found all their missionaries / priests are called Quixotes and that they carry their personal flame in a lantern around their neck. As they rise in stature and regard, they gain additional flames which they must look after in lanterns worn about their body.  Oh and a slang term others use for them is ‘Clinkers’, mostly due to the never ending clinking and clanking they make as they walk with all those lanterns hanging about.

Cinder Sarcos.jpg
A rough Cinder Quixote concept

As for the coming week’s to do list:

  • Continue to develop the Cinder look at feel. I would like to get to the stage where we can park them and move along to one of the other 4 factions but we’ll see how we go.
  • Mockup a new concept for the website
  • Do some more speed sculpting practice.
  • Stretch goals for the week: Do some concept art for the remaining factions, faction logo / symbol concepts, extra fluff written, start rough model of the town, review any outstanding items in the wiki

Not a super long list there, but next week’s workload is a little uncertain at the moment so I don’t want to promise the earth and then deliver bugger all 😛

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