Weekly Update #63

We’re back with another of our weekly updates 😀

How did we do this week?

  • We continued to develop the Cinder faction look and feel. I would say we’re at a point where we could probably park them for the moment.
  • We created an online white board for the Faction design development. It’s through Realtimeboard.com and is basically just a giant white board where you can write notes, draw ideas, attach pictures or documents and collaborate with others. I’ve used it for work once or twice so thought I’d try it for some Faith & Flintlocks development 😀
  • Some 3D speed sculpting has been done, though none worth showing off. It must be ages since I last dived into Zbrush 😦

I’m rather chuffed with the Faction design board we’ve got going now, I’m hoping it will be an easy way to bring our ideas together. Though as you can see below we haven’t filled out all the factions yet. Cinder as the most worked on currently has the most stuff in it’s quarter. And while we’ve always had an idea in our heads about how each of these factions look, its another thing to get those ideas out on paper and then translated into models and art.

Screenshot of Faction Design Board.jpg
Snap shot of our Faction Design Board

So with our fancy new board up and running, what else are we going to be working on this coming week?

  • Well I’m going to be bold and make a call that I’ll start work again on the Rhorlan One Horn Sculpt. Probably pare back the existing outfit that has been roughed out and start blocking out his new kit based upon the awesome art work of him.
  • Mockup a new concept for the website, this still needs doing!
  • Focus on adding information and ideas to the Faction design board for the Isogoreans.
  • Stretch goals: Hantu & Mime concepts and information for the Faction design board, production planning for our sculpts, etc.

This coming week is looking to be a quiet week for myself (work wise) so I’m getting amped at the chance to do some more Faith & Flintlocks development. Also Simon should be freeing up soon from his up-skilling (final due date for his paper / writings is this Friday I believe), so we can start to get back into regular meet ups, play tests, and more development work! Woo! 😀



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