Art Dump #45

On time, on schedule and not failing at blogging this week! We’re back with the Art Dump for the week that was.

First up is a continuation of the One Horn Sculpting series. Below you can see my progress. I’ve retopologized all the parts you can see here, though I’m still working on the hand wraps. Also the vest and shirt might require another pass as I think they’re a bit rough. For those not in the know or who aren’t in a similar industry, retopologizing is the fixing and cleaning up of the base 3d mesh (interesting fact for the day 😀 ).

I’m quite chuffed with how he’s looking so far, though there is still a distance to go. If you’ve got any feedback I’m always happy to listen to constructive criticism 🙂

One Horn Concept 56

Lastly this week is a concept sketch of the Wou I’ve tided up. It was just a doodle in my daily sketch book that I thought could look cool with a little line work and colour. I’m not 100% happy with her as a concept though as she doesn’t look alien / ethereal enough for my liking (too human-ish). And yes she’s not wearing any pants (sort of Wou thing).


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