Weekly Update #71

The week is nearly done and it is once again time for the weekly update.

So what have we been up to over the last week?

  • The One Horn’s pose is set. The small details have started to fall into place (belt loops added, pouches and satchels in rough positions, etc). Still need to get a good review of the One Horn but he’s looking good.
  • Simon has uploaded his initial work on the Moschops (roughing out the model bulk and playing with pose).
  • Some more fluff for the Two Horn has been written, slowly adding to our growing fluff pile.

A semi productive week with bursts of work in between life’s other responsibilities. Oh oh oh, I nearly forgot. Simon also managed to have a catch up meeting with our graphics designer friend who will be helping us with developing the game logo (Faith & Flintlocks) and the rulebook. He’s now up to speed and will hopefully be cracking into some awesome development…once he’s finished settling back in the UK that is.

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And now on to our plan for the coming week:

  • The One Horn will have had his first round of reviews. All small details (pouches, satchel, equipment, buttons) will be placed and ready for final tweaking (if required).
  • The Moschops will see some further development and refinement.
  • Simon and I will have a catch meeting to refresh ourselves on where we are and where we’re going next.

This will be our first dedicated Grimwolden Games catch up in a while, which will be awesome and it’ll allow us to make sure we’re on the same page with where we are going. I’m quite looking forward to it, now we just have to get permissions from our respective bosses / wives 😀

Until next week:)

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