Art Dump #49

We’re back with our latest art / renders here with the weekly Art Dump.

This week we’ve got some more pretty renders of the One Horn as he fast approaches being done.

Couple of things I’ve added recently (or since the last render):

  • Fixed the shoulder strap and its interaction with the collar
  • Added belt loops for this pants (otherwise what good is a belt?)
  • Started adding detail to the powder horn. I think that could be a nice little bit of extra detail in the final miniature.
  • Satchel is in place and tidied up.
  • Pouches around his legs have been added.
  • Added some small ripple to his shirt, though its not very visible under all his gear.

Next goals for tiding are details on his weapon, giving him an interesting expression and whatever else is bugging me when I next look at him :p

Until next week folks šŸ™‚


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