Weekly Update #72

It’s back and only 1 day late at that!

Welcome back to the weekly update here at Grimwolden Games. This week has been really good for us and though we haven’t done an outstanding amount of work, we have managed a catch up and organised our next goals. So what exactly have we done?

  • The One Horn sculpt has been through the review process with many good ideas suggested to make him more awesome. All small details are now on the sculpt (buttons, satchel, etc).
  • The Moschops sculpt has progressed and he now has fingers and toes instead of the mittens and lumps of feet you saw last week.
  • We had our catch up last night. Went through the project / game as it currently stands and decided on what were our next goals after the immediate tasks were complete.
  • We also have joined Twitter. We thought it would be a wise idea to jump on the bandwagon as well 😀

As I have said above the catch up was really good. We’ve penciled in a date (or two) for our next playtest in about 2 weeks time. Then in theory we would be aiming for another playtest with some of Simon’s work colleagues the week after that.

One Horn Concept 63Moschops_concepts_18_BodyBlocking

I’ve also set a deadline for the One Horn sculpt to be done and dusted (otherwise I could be tweaking it forever), so he will be completed in about 2 weeks time. Which will then give me a chance to pivot into my next goal which we’ve decided is to look into the casting and production side of the pipeline. But that won’t be happening until we’ve finished off the One Horn. Which brings us back to our goals for the coming week:

  • Implement the review’s recommendations for the One Horn’s sculpt and re-review with Simon.
  • Further develop the Moschops sculpt.
  • Update our playtest faction gang’s cards in the wiki so that Simon can do another print of them for our upcoming playtest.

A nice and tidy little list for the coming week. Though there might be a surprising amount of work in tweaking that One Horn I suspect (huzzah for late nights!).

Until next week folks 🙂

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