Art Dump #52

We’re back with the Art Dump for another week. No fancy pieces of finished art work this week I’m afraid.

First up is a small facial study for the One Horn. The reason for it is because I’m trying to decide how to finish off the sculpt and at the moment his head has no real emotion or asymmetrical details. I think ears up works better than down but what are your thoughts?

One Horn Concept 66.jpg

Lastly this week is a concept sketch I did a little while ago and recently cleaned up. I was thinking we would need some more female models in our range and ended up with this pig lady. Certainly an interesting looking lass and given the large mace / hammer I don’t think she’d be a push over.Pig Lady.jpg

And that brings us to the end of another Art Dump, stay tuned next week for more interesting renders, sketches and what not.

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