Weekly Update #75

Wait, it’s already Thursday?

And what a Thursday I’ve had…..12 hours at work, meetings, last minute requests and urgent deadlines. You know, the usual ;p

But obviously you didn’t come here to hear me talk about my day job, so lets get down to business with what we’ve been up to for the last week:

  • The One Horn has had a major review (a nicely timed visit to Simon’s place worked out rather well over the weekend). He’s also had a few minor fixes…
    • His muscles and bending joints have been refined.
    • Some minor fixes on intersecting geometry
    • Straps and buckles have been sunk into the clothing more to help make them look like they’ve been tightened and aren’t just sitting on top.
    • The vest and leg have been played with and tweaked slightly.
  • The faction cards have been updated and printed. Though unfortunately one card has printed odd (still not 100% sure why its done this), but otherwise they look cool.
  • Simon has started looking at reference for the Peregrine character.

As you can see we’re down to the nitty gritty fixes now for the One Horn so they can be a bit hard to spot on the model so I figured I would list down some of the fixes in case you think we’re just posting the same pictures up time and again haha.

One Horn Concept 67_.jpg

And with that progress being made on the One Horn I’m looking good for the 21st of August deadline I’ve got set.

So what’s up for this coming week?

  • The One Horn will be having his musket reworked and fixed, along with his wrist straps and finally a bit of asymmetrical detail on his head.
  • The Moschops will continue to be roughed out.
  • Potentially some sort of catch up but I may be rather busy this coming week with Grimwolden and normal day job stuff.

Shaping up to be a busy week for me and I really need to concentrate on this final push for the One Horn.

Until next week folks 😀

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