Art Dump #53

Welcome back to the Art Dump, this week we’ve got a few concept sketches and a pose study to look at.

First up is a quick concept sketch of a strong looking female with a large and menacing axe. I was playing with the enlarged fore arms and interesting hair with this.

Female Concept

Up second is a random lion looking dude. I quite like how the pose and character came out in this sketch. Might have to consider this character when we next look at expansion options ;pMale Concept

Lastly this week is a pose study for the Ophidia. I was just trying to play with ideas of having him leaning or using an arm for support (like how a gorilla walks). I think its a cool idea but may not be an easy pose to make look cool. What do you lot think?Ophidia Pose Study

Until next week 😀



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