Weekly Update #76

Welcome back to our weekly update post where we give you the run down of the week that was for us.

First up as per usual, what have we achieved this week?

  • The One Horn has continued his development and is looking good for being complete by the 21st of August.
    • His musket has started to be detailed
    • His hand strappings have been tidied
    • His face has some more detail and he even has teeth! (though his grin still needs more work).
  • I’ve arranged to have a chat to our web designer friend this weekend (well we’re both helping Simon move boxes so we may as well chat while lifting boxes). Hopefully we can further our plan to develop our website.

In terms of One Horn development it was a good week and I’m pleased that I’m still on track for the 21st of August. Other than the One Horn though it was a bit of a slow week, but that’s ok sometimes as I’ve been focusing pretty hard on getting this sculpt out which does mean that other things have to go onto the back burner. Once we get sculpt done Simon is planning on doing some pretty renders and I’m probably going to upload the model to sketchfab so people can have a good look at him.

One Horn Musket_Sculpt_Progress01
Details are coming!
One Horn Concept 68.jpg
A face only a mother would love ;p

Speaking of once the sculpt is complete, our plan for the upcoming week is:

  • Have the One Horn sculpt finished by the 21st of August.
  • Get a decimated version of the sculpt through to Simon for pretty renders
  • Put together a list of people / companies to talk to for getting the One Horn cast in resin (so we can follow this pipeline through to the end).
  • Do some more development on the Moschops.

Finally the end is in sight for the One Horn! Does any one have any suggestions for who to look at for 3d printing and casting options? I have a few in mind but I’m always open to recommendations.

Until next week folks šŸ˜€

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