Art Dump #58

We’re back once again with the regular Art Dump!

First up this week is a sketch I did while trying to get into the right mindset for sculpting the Two Horn. So far this sketch is closer than the sculpt as to how she’s meant to look >_<


Up next in chronological order are my latest wips (work in progress) of the Two Horn sculpt thus far. I’m struggling to really nail down her shape in a static a frame pose. Which is why I’m wondering whether it would be easier to sculpt in pose…but then you lose the advantage of a symmetrical sculpt (you only have to sculpt half a model rather than all of it). Ah well as long as I keep on pushing through I’m sure she’ll come out awesome in the end 🙂


If you’ve got any feedback on the old girl I’d love to hear it 🙂

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