Weekly Update #91

Wait it’s already Friday? Feels like this week has just slipped past before I’ve even realized. Unfortunately our work progress isn’t much to shout about this week. In between sick children, road trips and pressing work responsibilities, Faith and Flintlocks related work has taken a bit of a hit. But we did still make some small progress:

  • I managed to re-topologize the Two Horn’s skirt and mostly detail is, just requires tidying. The back equipment has been jiggled about so that it sits better.
  • Simon has printed out the updated character cards that he updated last week. Looking pretty sharp.
  • We have also had discussions with our writer friend and set some deadlines.
  • We’ve also looked at some of the more outdated character traits and come up with some possible updates.

Not a super week in terms of our work 😦 and with Christmas closing in time is getting precious as our weekends fill up with barbecues and gatherings. At least our latest trial character cards look pretty cool:


So with Christmas rapidly approaching and since I’ve already missed my optimistic goal of finishing the Two Horn by the end of November, I need to focusing on completing the Two Horn by Christmas. As I reckon very little 3d work will be done over the Christmas – new years period. So how much have I still got left to do? Well everything is mostly there in rough shape and form, which is a good place to be in. With some hard work I reckon I should be able to get her done. As such our goals for the coming week are:

  • Finish the Two Horn’s skirt and her Muskaxe (weapon). Next on the hit list are her shoes which currently look a bit meh.
  • Simon will hopefully be getting back into the Moschops.
  • Hopefully we can book in a playtest with Simon’s work colleagues (might not be this coming week but the plan is before Christmas).

A pretty straight forward week of focused work….or that’s the plan anyway.

Until next week folks 🙂

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