Art Dump #67

We’re once again back with our latest Art Dump updates.

First up is some more work on the Two Horn. Here she is now in a pleated skirt ensemble. This actually helps add some interest to that area rather than being just a large flat area which is sometimes a pain when it comes to painting. Though currently the pleat ends are too soft and don’t quite look right. I’ve also tidied up her rear equipment and moved them so that they should cast right when we get to that time. I’m happy with the bags she is carrying but the rope and hook needs a bit of detail.

Two Horn Concept 59.jpg

After the Two Horn we’ve got a picture walking us through the latest variations in our character cards. Simon has just finished putting together and doing a print of Version 3. Previously to that we had been running on version 2 (which worked well enough but we though it could be improved). Icons and layout still need to be refined but it’s an interesting layout.


That’s it for this week’s Art Dump. Let us know if you’ve got any feedback on the Two Horn or our latest character cards, we’d love to hear it 🙂

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