Art Dump #68

Hello all and welcome back to our weekly Art Dump.

This week we haven’t got much in the way of 3d sculpting to show off, so I have reach back in to our archives to find some cool concept sketches that we’ve got stashed away.

First up is a concept for an outfit for a Mime gang member. The svelte leotard with a bowler hat is an instant winner 😀


Up second is a model I would love to make but I don’t know that it would turn out very well. The idea of a gelatinous cube wobbly across a battlefield is immense funny to me.


Third and fourth are some charming chaps somewhat related to the Peregrine and Tyton. The first guy is some sort of cigar smoking samurai.


The second birdman looks badass. Definitely want this model.


Until next week 🙂


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