Art Dump #76

It’s back at last, our weekly Art Dump!

This week we’ll be walking you through our development of the Sarcos Cinder concept sculpt that we have done for the Sketchfab monthly challenge.

As you saw last weekend we had some rough sketches and a rough base mesh. From there we went through several iterations.

First up is my initial rough pose. Here he’s tilting down and it isn’t a super dynamic pose. After reviewing it with Simon we made the call to redo the pose.


So following that I went back to basics and we looked at getting him to leap forward.


After that we also tilted the gun up and it was starting to look pretty cool.


Next came roughing out clothing and equipment. I added pantaloon pants and a scarf / neck wrap.


After a bit more work Simon took him and did some awesome renders with a splash of colour. Also Simon at some point in the process fixed his helmet as it was a bit meh (and I had limited time to fix everything haha).


Now we were basically done. After this below image there were a few minor clean ups (making lines crisper and tighter). But you can also notice that we’ve added a belt over his shoulder, some bags on his belt, a tie for his belt and you can’t see it from this angle but he’s also got a powder horn hanging off the other side of his belt.


So now that he’s done and ready I took him into Keyshot for some pretty renders.


Both Simon and I think he came out awesome. The pants and rope ties are a stand-out for me personally. The pose is cool and he’s got a bit of character. Now there is a ton more things we could do to him but we really do have to get back to normal development schedules haha. The only other thing to note is that he would probably be rather front heavy, but as he would be plastic or resin I don’t think it would be too much of an issue.

Let us know what you think of the sculpt 🙂

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