Weekly Update #101

Wait it’s already Thursday again? Bugger that week went fast! Though it tends to do that when you’re stuck doing 14 hour work days here and there. But enough of my excuses, on with the show!

Our progress for the week:

  • Simon and I managed to find a few minutes to go over our immediate plan going forwards. We’ve reaffirmed that the Two Horn needs to be finished first but we’ve also decided that we need to work towards a print and play version of the game so we can get people online to playtest.
  • The Two Horn’s head has had some work and is approximately 50% done but due to long work days I couldn’t finish it.
  • We’ve had a quick review of the Vendettas and agree we need to play test them.

Not a stellar week in terms of progress but there isn’t a lot you can do when higher priorities land on your desk. But at least the old girl is still progressing as you can see below.

Two Horn Concept 78.jpg

A bit too much definition on her lips but otherwise looking quite sharp!

Now for some news from the wild web, I’m sure many of you may be aware as it’s about a week old news but Privateer Press has released an announcement on their new faction for Hordes! It looks quite cool with some interesting new rules that change things up from the standard game. Though the theme could be said to be fairly close to some of the stuff from Malifaux.


On to our goals for the upcoming week:

  • I am going to finish the Two Horn’s head, hands and any other skin areas. After that I’ll need to see what else is there to do…and if I’m lucky I’ll find that it’s all done 😀
  • Since I’m trying to finish the Two Horn it might be crazy but I’m also going to aim to complete tweaking the Vendettas so that the week after Simon can do a reprint for testing.
  • Simon’s going to still be fairly busy next week but if he’s got some spare time he’s going to get some more done on the old Moschops as he is getting fairly close to being done.

And with that we’ve come to the end of our dev blog. Hopefully I don’t get overloaded with work again this coming week and I’ll be able to finish off the Two Horn!

Until next time 🙂


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