Weekly Update #103

The weekly update is back for another week. Not much sculpting work happening this week but mostly focusing on tidying other areas:

  • The Vendettas have been added to our wiki and the cards. We can already see we’re going to have to make some slight changes to the Fate deck to get these to work but overall it should be fairly easy.
  • I’ve started pulling together a print and play version of our models. I’ve got a layout sorted and have tested it with a few images of our models. I just need to pretty the base up a bit and add the remaining characters.
  • We’ve been tidying our google drive folder structure this week as well. Trying to trim away old and obsolete folders so that it’s easier to find what we’re actually after.
  • The Two Horn has been decimated to a suitably low res as I may have an opportunity to do a test print on shapeways. Never turn away free 3d printing if you get the offer!

The idea behind our print and play version is to allow people online to be able to download our rules and a paper version of our models which they can use to test the game and see if it’s for them. It’s becoming more common for companies to do this sort of stuff and one game that does it well is Guildball. They have an awesome printable version of their models called paper dolls, which is one of the inspirations for our printable content.


Interesting  miniatures news from the web this week goes to ‘Village Attacks’ a new co-op castle defence game up on kickstarter at the moment. The miniatures look are fantastically detailed and the game it self sounds quite interesting and I would love to give it ago. Check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/grimlordgames/village-attacks

Leading on to our goals for the coming week:

  • I plan to have a rev 1 copy of the print and play character sheets ready to go.
  • We’re going to be doing some fluff updates behind the scenes with regards to one of our factions and the world overview.
  • If we’re really on to it we hope to be able to get some of that information up on to the website for people to read over.
  • Simon’s going to try find some more time for the mighty Moschops sculpt.
  • We’re also going to be planning out our next play test date and what we need to have printed / re-print / glued together by then.

And that folks brings us to the end of another weekly update. Thanks for reading through this far and if you’ve got any thoughts or ideas on the game or anything we talk about we’d love to hear them. Until next week 🙂

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