Art Dump #89

It’s Sunday and that means time for our weekly Art Dump.

This week we’ve got a mixed back of “art” to show off. It’s not the normal sketches or 3d we usually show here but below is a progress shot of the Two Horn and One Horn getting prepared for some painting. I’ve built up some slightly hilly terrain to give the base some life and have under-coated them in anticipation of being painted. Eventually I will also be flocking and painting the bases to help bring them to life.

One Horn Two Horn Paint Start_

Our last picture for this art dump is a progress shot showing me trying to fix the Two Horn’s shirt folds on her back. They are starting to look better but they also just look like slices rather than folds. I need some better reference for that pose so this week I’m going to be creating my own reference for this pose, at least that way I’ll be able to see how the cloth is meant to behave.

Two Horn Concept 82

And that brings us to the end of this week’s Art Dump. Until next week 🙂

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