Weekly Update #111

Welcome once again to another rousing round of our weekly update. This week we’ve been busy contemplating campaigns, website designs, character blurbs and more.

On our done list this week:

  • I have primed and started applying some colours to a Two Horn & One Horn model. I am by no means a top notch painter but it is fun to have a fully painted model when we play test ;p
  • The Ophidia sculpt has had some more auxiliary equipment added to it (bottles, jugs, telescope, etc).
  • We’ve fixed a few of the outstanding actions from our last playtest (and created a few more actions from discussions).
  • We’ve updated the website (as you may have noticed) and added in a new spiffy banner.

This week’s work has been a real mix of different things being done (though not quite what we had planned to do). Also getting back into painting models is quite fun and relaxing despite the fact that most of my paints were almost dried out when I went to open them!

Slowly getting some colour applied to them

As for our news from web this week there’s a cool looking boardgame up on kickstarter called Heroes of Land, Air and Sea. It looks to be a RTS inspired 4x game with some cool models. Could be worth checking out if you’re into the type of thing.


As for our goals for the coming week, we’re aiming to:

  • Once again look to split the Two Horn into separate pieces for print and casting (this evaded us last week but I’ll be looking to make it a priority this week).
  • Complete the rough layout for the Ophidia.
  • Finish off the remaining action items raised from the play test.

So a bit more of a focused week coming up, but we’ll probably still find time to get distracted by other parts of the game design process.

Until next week 🙂

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