Art Dump #90

Welcome back to the weekly Art Dump once again. This week we’ve got some work in progress shots from the Ophidia sculpt and our new awesome banner!

First up I did a quick silhouette shot of the big guy. The funny thing is his current silhouette is surprisingly close to some of our earliest silhouette concepts we did!

Ophidia_Concepts_ 37_Silhouette

Up next is an in between progress shot. He’s got a lot of equipment on his back now, though I still need to add a few extras (pots & pans would be awesome to see on his back).

Ophidia_Concepts_ 38

Below is the latest progress shot. I’ve tidied up his fins, lengthened some of them and coloured them blue. He’s also had a slight tweak with his torso height, elbows, arms and hands. Let us know what you think so far!

Ophidia_Concepts_ 39

Finally here is our awesome new banner complete with sweet looking logo from our friend Jono. He did a super job with it and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.


And with that we come to the end of this week’s Art Dump. If you’ve got any feedback we’d love to hear it 🙂

Until next week!

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